A Great Site to Get Cheap and Even Free Video Games.

Hello Everyone,

So sharing links is not something I usually do, but I know a lot of people on here love playing video games and who likes paying $50 or $60 for them? I found this website a while ago and I’ve been buying stuff off it for a while now with no problems. It’s almost like an Ebay for video games! If any of you have a game you were looking to buy (besides on the Wii) you might be able to find it here for a great price. 

So why am I doing this? Well if you use the referral link I provided then I get a bit of money if someone buys a game off this site. You can go to the site without the referral link and shop just fine, but it’d be nice if you helped me out. You can even make your own account and make a referral link, share it, and get payed the same way if you want. That’s how you can end up getting free games just by being a member and sharing the site with people. 

Hopefully whoever takes the time to read this can find whatever game they’re looking for at a good price. Also, hopefully you can all share this and end up getting some free games too! Have a great day and good luck.